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Dacota Walker Of Perfect Harmony PromotionsPerfect Harmony Promotions was founded by Dacota Walker in 2010 with aspiration to bring quality Christian music to audiences throughout the Southeastern United States. While not being limited to any particular genre of Christian music, the primary focus will initially be Southern Gospel and Bluegrass Music.

Says Dacota, "I have always been a fan of southern gospel and bluegrass music and this has been an ambition of mine for a while. Now that I have the opportunity to work with so many great artists and muscians, I look forward to bringing inspirational christian music to as many people as possible.

Perfect Harmony Promotions' goal is that every concert or event should be an uplifting and pleasant experience for each person in attendance.The website of Perfect Harmony Promotions is designed to be user friendly while giving each person a taste of what to expect at a future concert.  "One thing that I wanted on the website was a place where someone interested in attending our events could hear a couple of clips from the prospective artists. For any particular concert, there may be a scheduled group who the attendee has never heard before; and the website gives them the opportunity to know what to look forward to", says Dacota.Tickets for each concert can be purchased through the website or at particular vendors throughout the area.  Quality entertainment will also be a key element in the success of PHP.

Perfect Harmony Promotions has multiple events planned for the future. Check the website often and sign up on the mailing list to be notified of future nnouncements. Please visit the contact page for any feedback or to contact Dacota. Thanks for visiting the site!

God Bless!